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It protects you against several disasters. This term was in usage from the Egyptian times itself. Earlier people used to send their shipments through several vessels to avoid the possibility of damage or loss. There are still some insurance companies, which provide insurance as per the old norms and some other companies, which provide some relief to banks and etc.

Popular Types of Insurance

Car Insurance: This is considered to be the most popular type of insurance commonly found among automobile owners. It is mandatory that all the car owners must insure their car to cover any damages that may occur to their car in future life. In today's life every individual knows about motor insurance. Whenever any person is driving a vehicle on public roads, it must have a certain level of insurance. The RTA ensures that drivers who injure others must meet the liabilities they incur.

Life Insurance: This insurance is normally been found among all the persons. If you insure your life against life insurance generally your dependents will be benefited in case you die early. It is a contract, which makes payment to the person assured on the occurrence of the specific event insured against. A person who is above the age of 18 years is eligible to get insured against his life. The contract covers;

  • Payment to the insurer on the date of maturity or at specified intervals or at the time of death, if it occurs earlier.
  • Regular periodical payment of the premium by the assured to the insurance company, which provides the insurance.

Health Insurance: There are several health care insurance companies, which provide health, medical insurance against individuals and groups. Individual health insurance enables the person insured or his family to be benefited. Individual health insurance plans are considered to be too expensive compared to the group insurance. It is also easy to obtain individual plans directly from the company, which offers them. The company from which you will apply will solely evaluate your health in terms of risk present in you. It is accomplished by asking you to fill a questionnaire form, which consists of several questions about your present and past health history. Based on them, they will decide the amount of risk involved in you.

Group Insurance: Unlike Individual health insurance, group insurance is not that expensive. It is considered to be more comprehensive coverage than individual plan. If you think that you can do without insuring yourself, then it is wrong. Unnecessary without any cause you may be carrying the risk about not considering your health. Suddenly, you may experience illness or injury can put you under sever financial problems.

Dental Insurance: Even some dental insurance companies are there which will enable you to be protective against your dental needs.

Rental Insurance: When you are renting your car to someone, it is mandatory that your car be insured. In case you car is stolen or an accident occurs in which case the vehicle is written off, you should cover the excess value of the vehicle. This results in pilling up several dollars to your rental bill.

Home Insurance: You may construct a house either by saving some of your income or by taking a loan; it is must that you should properly insure your house against any collateral damage. In case of any theft or robbery, you will be receiving the lost property from the insurance companies.

Cheap Car Insurance: Since car insurance is becoming more costly nowadays, it is viable that you go for cheap car insurance. There are several reputed companies, which are offering cheap car insurance to their customer. Search through the Internet and find the one which best suits you.

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